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Welcome fellow New Jack Swing fan! You have landed on a blog dedicated entirely to one of the most significant musical genres of the modern era, New Jack Swing. Some might snort derisively at such a claim, but fans of the genre understand how foundational and transformational New Jack Swing has been to modern R&B, Rap and Pop music. And so this is for you, and selfishly, also for me.

For the longest time I have been contributing to the New Jack conversation by primarily sharing other people's content and engaging in social media banter about said content. But I've got things swirling in my mind that need a richer platform. I want to write explorative essays, compile best-of lists, create artwork and media and share data and infographics, to name just a few things. It's a novel venture for me, but one that is probably well overdue. And there's a lot to explore and discover about New Jack Swing, some of which I can only do meaningfully on a platform like this.

So this is the beginning.

To kick things off I have created a chart that reflects what I consider to be the Top 100 New Jack Swing Remixes* released between 1987 - 1993. I put an asterisk next to it because it's a list created with certain criteria and parameters. It'll make more sense when you check out the post.

The chart itself is coming in two parts, with Part 1 covering numbers 100 to 51, and Part 2 covering the Top 50 New Jack Swing Remixes. Part 1 is live now (hyperlinked in the paragraph above), with part 2 coming soon. Hopefully you'll find it as interesting to read as it was for me to create.

I think that's it for now. Oh! Make sure you subscribe if you want to know when new content drops. It's Free and gives Members access to exclusive content.

I'm excited by all of this and I am looking forward to finally getting out all of these ideas! Keep it locked for more.

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