New Jack Era Mixes

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New Jack Era Volume 20

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Wreckx-N-Effect Rump Shaker Ragga Version 1994 Teddy Riley
2. Stylz Bounce Original Version 1993 Randy "Peace" Shropshire
3. Four Sure Innocent Girl Somethin' 4 The People - Innocent Girl Club Mix 1993 Somethin' For The People
4. Nesto Velasquez Personality Hip Hop Mix With Rap 1993 The Hitmakers
5. Aaron Hall Don't Be Afraid Nasty Man's Groove 1992 The Bomb Squad
6. Portrait Here We Go Again! Street Tracks Mix 1993 Michael Angelo Saulsberry
7. Classic Example Don't Make Me Wait Remix 1992 DJ Eddie F
8. Gerald Levert I Wanna Be Bad Remix 1991 Down Low Productions
9. Hi-Five She's Playing Hard To Get Supermen Big Bass Radio Remix 1992 DJ Clark Kent
10. Donell Rush If Only You Knew Original 7" Mix 1993 Steve "Silk" Hurley
11. Jade I Wanna Love You 12" Mix 1992 S & P Jervier
12. Babyface Featuring Toni Braxton Give You My Heart Extended Remix 1992 Vincent Herbert
13. TLC Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg Original Version 1992 Dallas Austin
14. P.O.V. U Got What I Want Original Version 1993 Vincent Herbert & Hakim Bell
15. Bobby Brown I Want You, I Need You Louil Silas Jr. Remix 1993 Louil Silas Jr.
16. Jamie Foxx Your Love Original Version 1994 Jamie Foxx
17. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince I'm Looking For The One 12" Mix 1993 Teddy Riley & Markell Riley
18. Prince Markie Dee And The Soul Convention Trippin' Out Original Version 1992 Mark C. Rooney & Mark Morales
19. Menageri Now I Realize Soul Convention Ill Tempo Mix 1993 Mark C. Rooney & Mark Morales
20. Ralph Tresvant When I Need Somebody Remix Version 1993 Steve Dubin
21. Troop Whatever It Takes Remix 1992 Gregory Cauthen & Lawrence A. McNeil, Jr.

New Jack Era Volume 19

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Another Bad Creation Iesha Stupid Club Mix 1991 Dallas Austin
2. Boyz II Men Motownphilly 12" Remix 1991 Dallas Austin
3. Riff White Men Can't Jump Slammin Edit 1992 Dallas Austin, Randy Ran
4. B. Brown Posse Drop It On The One Extended Remix 1993 Ralph B. Stacy
5. Bobby Ross Avila It's The Madness Album Version 1993 Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Bobby Ross Avila
6. Mint Condition Good For Your Heart Album Version 1993 Mint Condition
7. Paula Abdul Vibeology Humphrey's Hip-House Mix 1992 DJ Ron-Ski, Humphrey Riley, Wiz
8. The Chill Deal Boyz Rock The House Extended Dance Mix 1992 C.C. Orange, Jay McGowan, The Chill Deal Boyz
9. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock Turn It Out (Go Base) Album Version 1989 Rob Base, William Hamilton
10. Kid 'N' Play Do This My Way Album Version 1988 Hurby Luv Bug, Steevee-O
11. James Brown No Static The 8 Minute Full Force Def Mix 1988 Full Force
12. Grady Harrell Fun Slam Jam - Reese's Club Mix 1989 Thomas Lyle
13. Basic Black Nothing But A Party 12" Version 1990 Gene Griffin, Timmy Regisford
14. Full Force House Party (feat. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, UTFO, Cheryl Riley, Doctor Ice, Ex-Girlfriend & E-Crof) Original Version 1990 Full Force
15. Al B. Sure! Missunderstanding Eddie F's House 1992 D.J. Eddie F, Nevelle
16. The Boys Thing Called Love Funk You Up Extended Mix 1990 D.J. Eddie F, Dave Hall, Nevelle
17. Heavy D & The Boyz Is It Good To You Untouchables Westside Remix 1991 Teddy Riley & Markell Riley
18. Morris Day Circle Of Love Slitherstone's Slide Alternative R&B Mix 1992 Bernard Belle
19. Bobby Brown That's The Way Love Is Extended Club Version - Danilo Ragga Edit 1992 Vincent Herbert, Ben Garrison
20. Janet Jackson Because Of Love D&D Extended Mix 1993 Darryl James & David Anthony

New Jack Era Volume 18

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Janet Jackson If Brothers In Rhythm Swing Yo Pants Mix 1993 Brothers In Rhythm
2. Bobby Ross Avila All That I Do Eye Remix 1993 Bobby Ross Avila & Bobby Avila Sr.
3. Malaika Gotta Know (Your Name) Bonus Mix 1993 Todd Terry
4. Kym Sims SHoulda Known Better Hip Hop Mix (No Sax) 1992 Steve "Silk" Hurley
5. Tisha Campbell Round 'N' Round Album Version 1992 Vassal Benford
6. Michel'le Nicety Remix 1989 Dr. Dre, Andre "L.A. Dre" Bolton
7. Heavy D & The Boyz More Bounce Radio Remix 1989 DJ Eddie F, Heavy D
8. Ralph Tresvant Rater R Rizzimo's Radio Edit 1991 L.A. Posse, Louil Silas Jr., Martin Rodriguez
9. Bell Biv Devoe Word To The Mutha Club Mentality 1991 Wolf & Epic, N.E.
10. The S.O.S. Band I'm Still Missing Your Love 12" Mix 1989 Curtis Williams
11. Troop My Heart East Coast Mix - 12" Remix 1988 Chuckii Booker, Timmy Regisford
12. Entouch All Nite Club Mix 1989 Eric McCaine
13. Today Him Or Me 12" Remix 1988 Gene Griffin, Teddy Riley, Timmy Regisford
14. A.C. Kelly Treat Your Lady Right Album Version 1989 Allen George, Fred McFarlane
15. Meli'sa Morgan If You Can Do It: I Can Do It Too! Club House Mix 1987 Ron Banks, Zack Vaz
16. The Brothers Johnson Real Love Album Version 1988 Bryan Loren
17. Keisha Jackson U Needa Lover 12" Remix 1990 The Black Rascals*, Henry Falco
18. Kool Skool Mercy Me Album Version 1990 Jesse Johnson, Keith Lewis
19. Mint Condition Are You Free 10" After Dinner Mint Mix 1991 Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Mint Condition
20. Suave Show My Love Album Version 1991 Michael Angelo Saulsberry, Suavé

New Jack Era Volume 17

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Eric Gable Doin' It Brothers In Rhythm Swing Yo Pants Mix 1991 Greg Ware, Jon P. Lundy
2. Le Gent Woman's Heart Le' Street Mix 1992 Greg Royal
3. Simple Pleasure Never Before R&B Remix Long 1992 Kyle West
4. Larry Springfield All The Way Love Album Version 1992 Arnold Hennings
5. Tyronza Any Other Kind Of Guy Album Version 1993 Tyronza, Valdez Bratley
6. Small Change Teardrops 12" Slam 1991 Kiyammo Griffin, Vincent Herbert
7. Keisha Jackson Feel You Out Album Version 1991 J. Swift, Reggie Andrews
8. The Good Girls Your Sweetness Album Version 1989 John "L.A. Jay" Barnes III, Kyle Hudnall
9. Full Force Ain't My Type Of Hype Original Version 1989 Full Force
10. Kiara You're Right About That On The Smooth Tip Remix 1990 Greg Charley, John Winston
11. Ready For The World Straight Down To Business Extended Version 1991 Ready For The World
12. LL Cool J Around The Way Girl Untouchables Remix 1990 The Untouchables
13. Shinehead I Can Make It Right Album Version 1992 Dave Hall
14. Keith Washington When You Love Somebody 12" KC Extended 1991 Keith "KC" Cohen
15. James "J.T." Taylor That's My Girl Album Version 1991 Vassal Benford
16. Charlie Wilson I Found My Baby Album Version 1992 Shavoni and Buster
17. 3rd Avenue Let's Talk About Love 12" Extended Version 1992 The Characters
18. After 7 G.S.T. Nasty 12" 1993 Vincent Herbert
19. One II 3 Love Me Right Album Version 1993 Ike Lee III, Kiyamma Griffin
20. Mikki Bleu Spend Some Time Album Version 1993 Mikki Bleu
21. Intro Let Me Be The One Untouchables Remix 1993 DJ Eddie F

New Jack Era Volume 16

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Keith Sweat Spend A Little Time Hip Hop Mix 1992 Righteous And Irocc, Charlie Wilson
2. Morris Day Meant To Be Together Album Version 1992 Stanley Brown
3. M & M Get Ta Know You Betta R&B Remix w/o Rap 1992 Down Low Produtions
4. Wrecks-N-Effect Ready Or Not Original Version 1991 Teddy Riley, Wrecks-N-Effect
5. Guy I Wanna Get With U 12" Version 1990 Teddy Riley, Guy
6. The Jamaica Boys Pick Up The Phone 12" Version 1990 Art Zamora, Michael Carpenter
7. Z'Looke Girl Danz With Me Big Butt Mix 1990 Z'Looke
8. Domino Theory Radio Driver Extended Version 1990 Domino Theory
9. Kool Skool My Girl 12" Version 1990 Keith Cohen
10. Randy & The Gypsys Perpetrators Extended 1990 Khris Kellow, Randy Jackson
11. Foster Sylvers & Hy-Tech Boy Vs. Girl Album Version 1990 David Cochrane, Foster Sylvers, Gordon Jones
12. Marva Hicks What Is Love Album Version 1991 Chuckii Booker
13. The Wooten Brothers Friendz Extended 1990 Gary Wooten, Dave Ogrin
14. Alexander O'Neal Every Time I Get Up Album Version 1991 Prof T.
15. Ex-Girlfriend Why Can't You Come Home Remix 1991 The Shop Wreckers
16. Men At Large Use Me Extended Remix 1992 Martin Van Blockson, Merlin Bobb
17. Chuckii Booker With All My Heart Chuckii Master Remix 1993 Chuckii Booker
18. Nona Gaye Love For The Future Low Ride Extended Mix 1993 Keith Crouch
19. Noret St. James Don't Be Afraid Album Version 1995 Full Force
20. 4 Keeps Give It To Me Radio Extended 1994 Walter "Mucho" Scott, Z. Scott

New Jack Era Volume 15

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Force M.D.'s' Are You Really Real Album Version 1990 Full Force
2. Z'Looke Co-Medina (Afrodeesiac) Compton Mix 1991 Z'Looke
3. Ralph Tresvant Yo, Baby, Yo! Extended Vocal Version 1991 Louil Silas Jr.
4. Today I Got The Feeling 12" Full Mix 1990 Stanley Brown
5. Zan Fight The Funk Album Version 1989 Gene Griffin, William "Zan" Aquart
6. The Jamaica Boys Pick Up The Phone 12" Version 1990 Art Zamora, Michael Carpenter
7. Big Daddy Kane I Get The Job Done Album Version 1989 Gene Griffin
8. Monie Love Full Term Love Album Version 1993 Marley Marl
9. Martha Wash Things We Do For Love Album Version 1992 Brian Alexander Morgan
10. Walter & Scotty Move Your Body Album Version 1993 Michael Angelo Saulsberry, Phillip Johnson
11. Darnell Owens Since You Went Away Club Mix 1993 Dr. Jam
12. Whistle I Am Remix Radio Edit 1992 Trakmasterz
13. Donell Rush If Only You Knew In Da Soul Mix 1993 Jere Mc, M. Doc
14. Emmanuel Rahiem Driftin' Album Version 1991 E.R. LeBlanc
15. Swing Out Sister Notgonnachange New Jack Swing Out Mix 1992 Larry Robinson
16. Sybil Crazy 4 U Swing It Higher Club 1990 Tony King
17. Freddie Jackson I Can't Take It Album Version 1992 Paul Laurence
18. Paul Laurence I Ain't With It R U My Baby Mix 1989 Gerry E. Brown, Rob Von Arx
19. Howard Hewett Strange Relationship Extended Version 1988 Louil Silas Jr.
20. Stevie B Baby I'm A Fool For Love Album Version 1988 Stevie B, Tolga
21. Stacye & Kimiko Wait For Me Extended Club Vocal 1990 Louil Silas, Jr.
22. Rythm Syndicate P.A.S.S.I.O.N. New Jack Mix 1991 John Robinson
23. Mint Condition She's A Honey Album Version 1991 Jellybean Johnson, Mint Condition
24. Ready For The World Yo That's A Lot Of Body (feat. Rakim) Album Version 1991 Ready For The World
25. Bell Biv Devoe She's Dope EPOD Mix 1990 Marley Marl
26. Sue Ann Carwell 7 Days, 7 Nights Extended Club Version 1992 The Vibe Squad
27. TLC What About Your Friends AIR Radio Edit 1992 Organized Noize
28. Company Angel Album Version 1993 Donald Lawrence, Stanley Brown
29. IV Example This Is How We Play Album Version 1994 Gen
30. Joe The One For Me 80s Pressure Mix 1993 J. Wales, S & P Jervier
31. Little Shawn I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time) Album Version 1992 Howie Tee
32. Snow Informer Clark's Fat Bass Mix 1992 DJ Clark Kent

New Jack Era Volume 14

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Bebe & CeCe Winans Depend On You Extended Version 1991 Jon Gass
2. Tevin Campbell Goodbye Hakeem's Remix 1992 Hakim Abdulsamad
3. Y.T. Style You'll Never Find Another H/T Massamix w/ Rap 1993
4. Trey Lorenz Photograph Of Mary Rooney and Morales Remix 1992 Mark C. Rooney, Mark Morales
5. Rude Boys Come On Let's Do This 12" Mix 1989 DJ Clark Kent
6. Robyn Springer Forever & Ever Forever Mix 1992 Randy Muller
7. Sybil Don't Make Me Over The Kingdom Come Mix 1989 Tony King
8. Phalon Rising To The Top Radio Extended 1990 Ernest Williamson Jr., Louis McKay III
9. T La Rock Come And Give It To Me (Ecstasy) Club Mix 1989 Todd Terry
10. Kwame Itz Oh Kay Album Version 1990 Kwamé, The Brothers Grimmmm
11. K.M.C. Kru Gettin' Smooth With It Album Version 1990 K.M.C. Kru
12. Full Force Your Love Is So Def Full Force Remix 1988 Full Force, Roey Shamir
13. Foster Sylvers & Hy-Tech I'll Do It Larr's Hyde 12" 1990 Larry Robinson
14. Kool & The Gang Raindrops 12" Remix 1989 Blaze
15. Mac Band I Could Never Say Goodbye Moogley Club Version 1991 Louil Silas Jr.
16. Freddie Jackson Can I Touch You Rega Funk Extended Mix 1992 Joseph "Rega Funk" Powell
17. Tim Owens Smile Hip House Mix 1991 Larry Robinson
18. Troop I'm Not Gamin' Album Version 1992 Demetrius Shipp
19. Modest Fok Love Or The Single Life Radio Remix 1992 Martin Van Blockson
20. Benet The Joy Of Me Album Version 1992 George Nash Jr., Robert Brookins
21. Shabba Ranks What'cha Gonna Do Extended Mix 1992 Aldo Marin
22. Shinehead Jamaican In New York Urban Radio Mix 1992 Tony Dofat
23. Brian McKnight I Can't Go For That Extended Remix 1994 Tony Dofat
24. Joey Diggs Your Love Keeps Working On Me Original Version 1992 John Barnes
25. Whitney Houston We Didn't Know (feat. Stevie Wonder) Extended Remix 1992 3 Boyz From Newark
26. Mariah Carey Dreamlover Club Joint Mix 1993 Brian Alexander Morgan
27. Sweet N Lo 40 Dog Marley Marl Extended With Rap 1993 Marley Marl
28. Full Force Back Together Again Nine Lives Remix 1995 Rob Lewis
29. N II U Someone For Me Album Version 1994 Rhano Burrell
30. Tanya Blount I'm Gonna Make You Mine DJ Eddie F Mix 1994 DJ Eddie F

New Jack Era Volume 13

# Artist Song Mix Year Producer
1. Christopher Williams I'm Dreamin (Hip Hop Mix) (Danilo Edit) 1993 The Hitmakers
2. Charlie Wilson Sprung On Me Extended Club 1992 Buster & Shavoni
3. Mind Is That The Way 12" Version 1992 Gene Griffin
4. The Good Girls I Need Your Love Extended Mix 1990 The Untouchables
5. Levert Rope-A-Dope Style Super Remix 1990 DJ Clark Kent
6. G-Wiz Y-U-Doggin Me Remix 1994 Stephen "Bundy" Wade, Jamahl "Jamiz" Harris
7. Chantay Savage Don’t Let It Go To Your Head SB Extended Mix 1993 David Shaw
8. Artz & Kraftz All Of It Original Version 1992 Jim Salamone, Artz & Kraftz
9. Me-2-U Want U Back Pete Rock's Mix Short Version 1993 Pete Rock
10. Ten City The Way You Make Me Feel Hump Edit 1994 Vincent Herbert
11. One II Three Make Your Mind Up Album Version 1993
12. Eric Gable Process Of Elimination Radio Remix 1993 Christian Warren
13. Ruby Turner Rumors Club Mix 1991 Hula And K. Fingers
14. Randy & The Gypsys Love You Honey 12" Remix 1989 Keith Cohen
15. Rude Boys Heaven Hip Hop Remix 1990 Jim Salamone, Larry Marcus
16. Troop Mamacita Extended Mix 1988 Eddie Levert, Sr., Gerald Levert, Marc Gordon
17. Groove B Chill Hip Hop Music Album Version 1990 Howie Tee
18. Menageri Can't Nothin' Album Version 1994 Mark C. Rooney, Mark Morales
19. Cato I Get A Buzz Original Version 1994 Cato
20. M-DOC It's A Summer Thang (feat. Chantay Savage) Silk's Old School 1994 Steve "Silk" Hurley
21. Teddy Pendergrass Believe In Love Teddy Bear Club Mix 1993 Def Jef, Meech Wells
22. Mary J. Blige Be Happy Maurice's Muthafunkin Mix 1994 Maurice Joshua
23. Zhane Vibe Groove Theory Mix 1994 Groove Theory
24. Ladae Deep Down Allstar Mix Edit 1994 Allen 'AllStar' Gordon
25. George Cole Check Me 2 Phat Old School Mix 1996 2 Phat
26. Joe All Or Nothing Big O Mix 1994 Joe
27. London Jones Joi Sugar Shack Mix 1994 Ras Kwame
28. SWV Downtown Jazzy Radio Mix 1993 Allen "AllStar" Gordon
29. Brandy I Wanna Be Down Carson CA Mix 1994 3 Boyz From Newark
30. Chante Moore This Time AllStar's Club Butter Version 1995 Allen "AllStar" Gordon


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