Me in virtual form

Writing about myself is tedious but I understand it may be of interest to know who is behind this blog and creating the content. So here's a brief run-down.

  • My name is Danilo Gutierrez. I am Australian and a descendent of Chilean parents.
  • I'm a child of the 80s (I was literally born in 1980)
  • I spend way too much time listening to New Jack Swing, and way too much money trying to buy all the rare promo CD singles and 12 inches I have on my Discogs Wantlist (Only 2,436 items to go!)
  • I was a professional DJ and radio show host in a former life, and have spent a good chunk of my last 5 years creating New Jack Swing mixes (amongst other genres)
  • If you want to check my New Jack bonafides have a listen to my New Jack Era mixes on Mixcloud
  • I'm still an obsessive New Jack Swing fan 30+ years later and feel its a genre that never got its due

That's all I can think to share at the moment. If there's anything you'd like to know or just want to reach out you can email me at: danilo@newjackswing.blog


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