Top 100 New Jack Swing Remixes: Part 1

#100 to #51 of the Top 100 New Jack Swing Remixes released between 1987 and 1993.

Top 100 New Jack Swing Remixes: Part 1

If you've caught any of my 19 New Jack Era mixtapes on Mixcloud over the last 5 years you may have noticed I have a tendency to include remixes more than album or original versions of songs. This is because I hold a special reverence for the remix. There are a lot of reasons for this which I may save for a future post. For now I say this as prelude to presenting what I consider to be the Top 100 New Jack Swing Remixes released between the years of 1987 and 1993. This post is part 1 of 2, and includes the bottom half of the Top 100 list (numbers 100 - 51).

In deliberating on my choices I auditioned probably close to 3,000 songs, and gave specific ratings to the 1,814 songs which I felt fit within the parameters I set for myself (see below). I then filtered what I considered to be the best or '5 Star' songs of which there were 145. Lastly, I undertook the arduous task of sequencing my 5 star list, in order, from 1 to 100.

I think it's worthwhile to note, at this point, that this is an exercise in fun and should be enjoyed as such. I honestly could have ordered and re-ordered the list many times as is the risk with something so subjective. I'm hoping it will spark some conversation and perhaps even force me to consider or reconsider my choices. I'm very interested to see what New Jack heads think. Post your comments down at the bottom in the Disqus feed.

Selection Criteria

In compiling this Top 100 list I applied a few constraints to make it workable and fun for me. They are as follows:

  • I have only included remixes that have noticeable and persistent differences in sound when compared to the original
  • Extended versions, edits or versions where any changes in the mix are not persistent throughout the whole song were not considered
  • I have only included remixes I own, either physically or digitally
  • I have included only one instance of any song  in the Top 100. This is to ensure a broader diversity of songs in the list.

Top 100 New Jack Swing Remixes

Part 1: #100 to #51

# Artist Song Mix Time Year Remixer
100. Redhead Kingpin & The F.B.I. We Rock The Mic Right Party Mix 4:22 1989 Gene Griffin
99. Ralph Tresvant Rated R Rizzimo's Radio Edit 4:29 1991 L.A. Posse Productions
98. Shanice I Love Your Smile Hak's Remix 4:12 1991 Hakeem Abdulsamad
97. TLC Get It Up Radio Edit 4:02 1993 Vincent Herbert
96. Whitney Houston We Didn't Know Extended Remix 6:14 1992 3 Boyz From Newark
95. Tam Rock & E.Q. Listen Closely (Bozack) Eastside Jeep Mix 4:25 1992 Rico Anderson
94. Robbie Nevil For Your Mind Extended Urban Re-Mix 5:53 1991 Dallas Austin
93. Bobby Ross Avila All That I Do Eye Remix 5:06 1993 Bobby Ross Avila & Bobby Avila Sr.
92. Brotherhood Creed Helluva Club Mix 6:14 1992 The Baker Boyz
91. Jade Don't Walk Away Mack Daddy Stroll 4:24 1992 Clark Stiles & Dave 1
90. Meli'sa Morgan Can You Give Me What I Want Extended Mix 5:22 1987 Jon Gass
89. La Rue Serious 12" Club 6:28 1991 Vassal Benford & Louil Silas Jr.
88. Stacye & Kimiko R. U. Available Extended Club 6:45 1990 Chuckii Booker
87. Gladys Knight Men Extended Club Verson 7:16 1991 Vassal Benford & Louil Silas Jr.
86. Mac Band I Could Never Say Goodbye Moogley Club Version 7:08 1991 Louil Silas Jr.
85. Pebbles Do Me Right Extended Version 5:43 1988 L.A. & Babyface
84. Tony! Toni! Toné! Baby Doll Teddy Riley 12" 5:43 1988 Teddy Riley
83. Samuelle So You Like What You See Remix Edit With Rap 4:14 1990 Teddy Riley
82. Riff Everytime My Heart Beats Narley Marley Mix 3:43 1991 Marley Marl
81. Keith Sweat Your Love Extended Radio Mix 5:00 1992 Stanley Brown
80. Ralph Tresvant Stone Cold Gentleman Extended Club Mix 6:42 1991 Denzil Foster & Thomas McElroy
79. Sue Ann Carwell 7 Days, 7 Nights Extended Club Version 6:20 1992 The Vibe Squad
78. M & M Talk To Me Extended Remix 6:10 1992 Markell Riley & Sprague Williams
77. II Close Call Me Up Extended 5:45 1993 Jimmy & Kirk
76. Whistle I Am Trakmasterz Remix Vocal 6:10 1992 Trakmasterz
75. Riff Judy Had A Boyfriend Mucho Radio With Rap 3:51 1993 Walter "Mucho" Scott
74. LL Cool J Stand By Your Man New Jack Mix 3:43 1993 Teddy Riley
73. Prince Markie Dee & Soul Convention Something Special Summer Of 93 Remix 5:45 1993 Mark C. Rooney & Mark Morales
72. Christopher Williams Every Little Thing U Do DawgHouse Mix 4:40 1993 "Buttnaked" Tim Dawg & Clark Kent
71. Rude Boys My Kinda Girl Super Radio Mix 4:33 1992 Clark Kent
70. Keith Sweat Why Me Baby (Part 2) Hip Hop Mix 4:11 1992 Marley Marl
69. Al B. Sure! Had Enuf? 12" Version 5:01 1992 Al B. Sure!
68. Mary J. Blige Changes I've Been Going Through New Jack Swing Remix 4:30 1993 Teddy Riley
67. Troop Spread My Wings Clark Kent Super Mix Without Rap 5:08 1989 Clark Kent
66. Modest Fok Love Or The Single Life Radio Remix 4:34 1992 Martin Van Blockson
65. Kiara You're Right About That On The Smooth Tip Remix 6:13 1990 Greg Charley & John Winston
64. Full Force Your Love Is So Def Full Force Remix 6:23 1988 Full Force & Roey Shamir
63. Robert Palmer Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming Westerville 6:46 1989 Al B. Sure!
62. The Good Girls I Need Your Love Extended Mix 5:07 1991 Eddie F, Nevelle Hodge & The Untouchables
61. Today I Got The Feeling 12'' Full Mix 6:10 1990 Stanley Brown
60. Guy Let's Stay Together Radio Edit 5:24 1991 Teddy Riley
59. MC Lyte Ice Cream Dream 12" Remix 4:22 1993 Jermaine Dupri
58. Ralph Tresvant Money Can't Buy You Love Dupri's Diggidy Diamonds Edit 4:07 1992 Jermaine Dupri
57. Jermaine Jackson I Dream, I Dream Remix Extended Version 6:59 1991 L.A. Reid
56. Damian Dame Gotta Learn My Rhythm Extended Remix 6:37 1992 Jermaine Dupri & L.A. Reid
55. Bell Biv DeVoe Let Me Know Something?! House Party II Mental Theme 4:54 1991 Gary G-Wiz & Hank Shocklee
54. Jodeci Gotta Love Hip Hop 5:39 1991 Devante Swing
53. Colin England I Got What You Need Extended For Your Listening Pleasure Mix 5:51 1991 John "L.A. Jay" Barnes III
52. Heavy D & The Boyz The Lover's Got What You Need Rutger Kroese Extended Mix 5:14 1991 Rutger "Rutti" Kroese
51. Tony! Toni! Tone! Feels Good Extended Version 6:56 1990 DJ L.A. Jay

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